MOVIE: Nightmare Alley ( 1947)

MOVIE: Nightmare Alley ( 1947)

Based on a novel by: William Lindsay Gresham

Screenplay by: Jules Furthman

Directed by: Edmund Goulding

Tyrone Power, Joan Blondell,  Ian Keith,Coleen Gray, Helen Walker

nightmare alley

Do you know my good friend Stan Carlisle?

Film noir’s creepy shadow visits the carnival.

Stan deceives everyone around him from the carnival’s pseudo psychic, Madame Zeena (Blondell), her alcoholic husband Pete (Keith) and even his own wife and fellow carni, Molly (Gray). He meets his match in Dr. Ritter (Walker)

Watch Stan’s downfall…

MOVIE: Night Moves (1975)


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MOVIE: Night Moves ( 1975)

Written by : Alan Sharp

Directed by: Arthur Penn

Gene Hackman, Jennifer Warren, Melanie Griffith, Susan Clark, John Crawford, James Woods, Janet Ward


Harry Moseby, an L.A based detective, tracks a promiscuous teen runaway Delly (Griffith) to her step father Tom Iverson’s (Crawford) home, in the Florida Keys. When Tom’s woman Paula (Warren) puts the moves on Harry, he doesn’t resist. Harry’s wife Ellen (Clark) is already deep in an affair of her own.

At first Delly resists returning back home to LA., but while snorkelling, she discovers a helicopter and pilot crashed in the ocean. Nightmares leave her begging to leave.

Once back home, Delly is reunited with her ex- boyfriend Quentin (Woods) and her former actress mom (Ward) still living the good life off Delly’s inheritance from her wealthy father.

Harry thinks the case is over, until more dead bodies turn up.

MOVIE Breathless (1960) A Bout de Souffle


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MOVIE: Breathless ( 1960) A Bout de Souffle

Based on a Story by Francois Truffat

Directed by Jean Luc Godard

Jean-Paul Belmondo, Jean Seberg

After years of casual flings, Michel falls in love with Jane (Seberg), a young American woman living in Paris. Jane plays coy, although she might be pregnant with Michel’s child. The only thing standing three things standing between their happiness is his criminal behaviour, her independence and the lack of morals they both share.

MOVIE: A Clockwork Orange (1971)


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MOVIE: A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Based on a novel by Anthony Burgess

Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick

Starring Malcolm McDowell

This is a disturbing movie, especially in the beginning. Set in a futurist time, young thug Alex ( McDowell) and his havoc seeking allies are one of many  groups of London’s street menaces. Rape, brutal beatings and even murder fill the opening scenes across a backdrop of abstract art, erotica and bold colours. You may be tempted to tune out, but then you will miss the bad guy paying his dues.

If this seems like a film well suited to star young Mick Jagger, then it will not surprise you to know that Jagger did indeed rally hard to star in this one. His famous friends even signed a petition.

Filmed in London and its countryside

MOVIE: The Steel Trap (1952)

Movie: The Steel Trap (1952)

Written and directed by Andrew L. Stone

Joseph Cotten, Theresa Wright

Joseph Cotten is always convincing as the good guy, and as Jim in The Steel Trap, he plays just that. Jim is a banker who has lived in the same house, taken the same train and worked in  the same building for 11 years. Through all the sameness Jim is bored.

Realizing that as one of the management team at the bank, Jim could, if given the nerve, have access to steel over a million dollars from the vault, after the tellers have gone home. Soon the fantasy becomes a reality.

Jim steels the money by simply loading it into a suitcase on a Friday evening. While he and his wife Laurie(Wright) take a last minute flight toward Rio, on the milk-run, the couple find themselves stranded in New Orleans.

Why, Rio you ask? Jim, after researching at the public library discovered Brazil was the only county without an extradition treaty with the United Sates.

Through passport issues, last minute reroutes and hassles, mild mannered Jim can’t keep his cool. He wife believes they are on a two week work vacation, but her husband’s behavior doesn’t quite gel.

When it is discovered that Jim is carrying all that money, his wife questions him. Jim breaks. His angry wife leaves, not wanting to be part of the plot.

Lonely Jim wanders the streets of New Orlean.  Then it occurs to him. It is only Sunday. If he flies home tonight, he can return to work early Monday morning, and return all the cash, before anyone is the wiser.

And does he? You’ll have to watch this film noir yourself to find out. All I can tell you is it’s a nail bitter!


MOVIE: The Window (1947)


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MOVIE: The Window ( 1947)

Based on a story by Cornell Woolrich

Screenplay by Mel Dinelli

Directed by Ted Tetzlaff

Bobby Driscoll, Barbara Hale, Arthur Kennedy, Paul Stewart, Ruth Roman


Tommy a nine-year-old boy, with a tendency towards tall tales, witnesses a murder. The murders are the Kellersons (Stewart and Roman), the neighbours one floor above. He spies them, through their apartment window,while on the fire escape.

His dad (Kennedy) and mom (Hale) do not believe him. Nor do the police. Tommy is terrified he will be the couple’s next victim. He isn’t far from wrong..

Today’s viewer may be appalled by the parenting this movie displays, but ask someone who was a child back then. They will tell you that’s the way things were!

MOVIE: Klute (1971)


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MOVIE: Klute (1971)

Screenplay by Andy Lewis and David E. Lewis

Directed by Alan J. Pakula

Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland


Bree Daniels. a New York model/actress/ prostitute (Fonda) spends time with John Klute, an investigator from Pennsylvania (Sutherland) trying to find out where his missing friend is. The only clue is a letter addressed to Daniels, found in the man’s desk

Fonda wears the very best of 70’s fashions from street-style to evening gowns by costume designer Ann Roth.

Fonda’s performance in this movie earned her both an Academy Award and Golden Globe for best actress.

Filmed on location in New York.

MOVIE: Cause For Alarm! (1951)


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MOVIE: Cause for Alarm! (1951)

Story by Larry Marcus

Screenplay by Mel Dinelli, Tom Lewis

Directed by Tay Garnett

Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan, Bruce Cowling

Cause for Alarm

A bedridden man, with a heart condition, George Jones,(Sullivan) is convinced that both his wife, Ellen (Young) and his doctor, Dr, Grahame (Cowling) are in love and plotting to kill him.

The Long Goodbye (1973)


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Based on a novel by Raymond Chandler

Screenplay by Leigh Brackett

Directed by Robert Altman

Elliot Gould,  Jim Bouton, Eileen Wade, Nina Van Pallandt

Phillip Marlowe, the detective character from the Chandler novels of the 30’s ,40’s and 50’s is brought forward into 1973.

Marlowe (Gould) plays the chain-smoking bachelor, living with a finicky cat, a Spanish grotto-type apartment high above the ocean in L.A. He has women to ogle– the hash brownie eating neighbours in various forms of undress, stretching or meditating at every hour.

Marlowe unwittingly becomes an accessory to murder by driving his friend Terry Lennox (Bouton) to Mexico. Lennox’s wife is then found dead in the couple’s exclusive Malibu home. Marlowe is released after the cops discover Lennox has committed suicide. Marlowe is suspicious.

But, when another Malibu woman Eileen  Wade (Van Pallandt) contacts Marlowe to do some investigative work things take a dizzying turn. Her husband Roger Wade (Hayden) is a famous Hemingway-esque writer, with a temper to match and a serious problem with the bottle.

Eileen becomes somewhat of a femme fatale. Not that she and Marlowe become romantically involved, but he becomes drawn into her world, as the long-suffering wife. She embodies the Malibu wife, blond, tall, lean, and tanned.

Deeply rooted in film noir, this movie uses mirrors and windows for reflective elements and moments of sheer horror.

The ending has a major twist. It’s explosive!

Oh– and be sure to look for Arnold Schartzenegger as a non-speaking thug.